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Professional Training:

Illuminations provides workshops designed to train professionals in skills that lead to more effective service delivery to victims of child sexual abuse, their families, and perpetrators. From its inception, professionals of all backgrounds, levels of experience and skills have praised the workshops for their power and compelling nature. Formal evaluations and comments indicate an increase of participant's cognitive and empathic understanding of: the experience and behavior of victims; the impact on families; the mindset and behavior of perpetrators.

Illuminations Workshops provide:

  • An opportunity to deepen and expand understanding and hone professional skills.
  • A context to reflect on and share professional and non-professional experience and knowledge.
  • An opportunity to gain deeper intellectual insights into the cadre of experiences resulting from child maltreatment.
  • An opportunity to gain and deepen affective insights into all aspects of child maltreatment.
  • Training which is highly evocative.
  • Ability to surface areas for further professional and personal reflection and development.

  • Format:

    A variety of workshop designs are possible, ranging from three hours to multiple days.
    Some examples include:

  • A half day workshop of moderate depth utilizing the first work of art titled "Solitude" to explore the person's experience of victimization.
  • A half day overview workshop utilizing the first three works of art.
  • A Full day in-depth workshop exploring "J's" four works and his brother's three photographs.
  • A Full two-day comprehensive workshop incorporating extensive written materials to facilitate a more extensive exploration of professional and personal implications.

  • The designated Facilitator will work closely with the client to determine more specific adaptions of the workshop to address particular needs of the intended audience.


    Clinically trained and credentialed Facilitators.

    New Workshop! The Challenge of the Spiritual Life of the Victim.
    Using the first piece of artwork, "Solitude," as a reference point as well as other cases of child and adult victimization, participants explore and refine a paradigm for pastoral work between clergy and those who have experienced spiritual trauma. This workshop was first presented at the Angelican Diocese of Toronto in 2009 as well as for the Archdiocese of Atlanta in January of 2010.

    New Workshop! In the Words of an Offender:
    Using the written communications between a sexual offender and two victims we explore the evolution and complex nature of abusive relationships with implications for the specialized professional.

    New Workshop! Perpetrator Treatment Opportunities:
    The Illuminations Exhibit has been used as an adjunct to the therapeutic process within adolescent offender treatement programs with the goal of increasing the offender's ability to feel empathy for the victim.

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