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Get Involved

J hoped his artwork would result in each viewer being stirred to some action. Here are some the Illuminations Program would like to suggest:

Please come back to the Illuminations website and the Gallery again…and again and learn more. Invite others to come and visit this special, quiet with truth, place…become its emissary, its ambassador.

Refer A Friend

Consider bringing an Illuminations Workshop to your community, professional organization or educational institution. Illuminations can provide workshops varying in length from ½ day to 2 full days. The highly evaluated workshop has been successfully adapted for groups as diverse as: law enforcement agencies; social service agencies; medical and educational organizations; faith communities and clergy; the general public; sex offenders. Please contact us for detailed information regarding our workshops.

Thoughtfully consider making a financial contribution to Illuminations. We can only conduct workshops and build this website if we have the resources. With your support we would be able to provide more people with the opportunity to experience, be inspired by and learn from J’s art and words so full of thought and heart.

CLICK HERE to make a donation.

You could think about becoming a volunteer with us… contact us and we can talk about you working with us in a way that is particularly meaningful for you.

Stay informed and talk about the issue of victimization especially of children. Knowledge is power and power is the nemesis of victimization.

Share your thoughts with us – even art – that may have been inspired by J’s artwork.

Open Doors Poster

Consider purchasing an Illuminations Poster which combines a special water color by J with his words of dedication for his artwork. In doing so, you will “open several doors.” First, you will help us continue the important work of letting J and his brother deepen people’s understanding and enrich the effectiveness of the work of professionals. Secondly, you will have an artful way for J and his message to remain with you, to inform you, and continually inspire you. Lastly, each person who asks you about your poster presents you an opportunity to speak about the victimization of children and thereby, as J’s brother says, invite justice to come and settle in yet another corner of the world!

Please send an email request to illuminations@ubalt.edu.

Stop It Now

If you are someone who has complicated thoughts, feelings or behaviors regarding your interactions with children please confidentially contact Stop It Now.

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